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Erasmus+ friendship continues

Ahoj, my name is Altti and I am from a city called Lappeenranta in Finland. Three years ago I came to Frýdlant nad Ostravicí with the Erasmus + project „Teaching off the Beaten Path“.

Back then Ferda Gajdoš, a student of Gymnázium Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, was my host and we got friends immediatelly. Since that time we have been in touch and we have been visiting each other. Now I have just finished my final exams and as I have more free time I came to the Czech Republic again to meet my old friend Ferda. During my stay we visited Prague together, which has been my first visit there and then Ferda and I went to his place in Čeladná. We also had a trip to Poland and mountains together and I met some other students from Gymnázium. Ferda visited me in my homecity too and then we met also in Helsinki and I am sure we will see each other again. I must say that I am really thankful, because without the Erasmus + project I would not have met my good friend from the Czech Republic. I recommend all students to take part in such a project, because it was one of the best experience at secondary school  and it is really worth it. 

Written by Altti Kivistö from Finland

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