... v únoru 2013 nás navštívili studenti partnerského Gymnázia ve Friedlandu v Německu

Rozhovor s Andreou Roces Pastrana


Rozhovor s Andreou Roces Pastrana

Přečtěte si záznam rozhovoru s Andreou Roces Pastrana, španělskou studentkou, pár dnů před jejím odjezdem domů z dlouhodobé dvouměsíční mobility.

Andrea studovala na naší škole v rámci projektu Erasmus+ The Town I Want to Live in: A Sustainable Approach od 5. února do 22. dubna 2020.

First of all I would like to ask you when you were supposed to return to Spain and when you are going to return?

I was supposed to go back home on 8th of April, and finally I'm going on 22nd of April.

How did you manage to get the bus ticket? I guess it wasn’t easy at all…

It was so difficult, I had more chances to go before, but none of them was a safe one. Finally, my father contacted the Spanish embassy in Prague, and on 17th of April, my father called me saying that a Spanish boy was organizing a trip to Spain with the help of the embassy. We are going by bus, 29 Spanish people and 2 Czech drivers. I was lucky, because some people couldn't book a place (the bus has to be half empty, as in Spain there are more restrictions than here), and we have to be at least 1, 5 metres away from other people. So even when my father takes me by car, we will have to be 1 metre away from each other in our own car, but I'm under 18 so I'm a priority case.

Spain is in a much bigger trouble with Covid-19 than the Czech Republic, aren’t you afraid of local conditions?

I know that it will be a shock to see my country empty, all the army and security controls… but I'll be back home with my family, and it's the only thing that I'm thinking about right now, but I'm also worried about our economy, because in Spain most of our money comes from tourism, bars and exportation.

How did you and your parents react to this kind of a trouble situation?

They were worried about me, but also calm because in Spain the situation is so much worse. Here I've been safe and with good people taking care of me.

How do you spend time during the quarantine?

I´m drawing, preparing things for next school year, watching Netflix, chatting and calling with my friends and family… When I arrive to Spain I will also begin to do sport, help my mum, learn how to cook… and a lot of more things.

How do your friends spend their quarantine time in Spain? Have you spoken to them? How’s our situation different based on information given by your Spanish friends?

It depends; in Spain, a lot of people are doing a lot of challenges, some are doing exercises, others are watching Netflix, the others doing cooking competitions… Everyone is doing something different and I like that. I spoke with my family every day, and with some of my best friends almost every day. People in Spain are so jealous of your walks ha-ha but things here are so much calmer. At least, in my country almost everyone loves to make other people laugh and be entertained, so sometimes in social Medias I can see some posts that make me so happy. What is more, Spanish stars are doing songs, some funny programmes continue streaming, and rich people are trying to make masks… I'm so happy that everyone is trying to make something to help other people. 

How do you rate this exchange visit in the end? Despite this unexpected event…

My 1st month here was amazing, I don't have any complain (except the weather ;P). I enjoyed so much your high school, your teachers, your classes, your food, your towns, your mountains, your lakes… and I met a lot of amazing people. Děkuji.

Rozhovor vedl student našeho Gymnázia Lukáš Valas, redaktor školního časopisu TGM Times.

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